Our experts meticulously analyse your current environment, identifying valuable assets that can be preserved.

Doing so ensures a smooth migration process, maintaining essential functionalities, data integrity, and business continuity.

This forward-thinking approach enables you to harness the benefits of modernisation without sacrificing the stability and efficiency of your existing systems, setting the stage for a successful digital transformation.

Regularly maintained

The model that gives your business complete control. Everything is designed from scratch, so you can freely edit, scale and optimize your website.



Discovery & Consultation

Our retained migration process commences with a thorough discovery and consultation phase.

We collaborate closely to understand your existing system, its critical components, and your goals for migration.

This stage allows us to identify key assets worth retaining, ensuring a seamless transition to new technologies while preserving vital functionalities.


Design and Prototype

We craft a blueprint for your retained migration strategy in the design and prototype phase.

We meticulously plan how retained elements will integrate with the new system.
Prototypes enable visualisation and validation, ensuring the transition maintains data integrity and desired functionalities.



Our skilled development team implements the retained migration plan, carefully integrating legacy components into the modern system.

This phase focuses on preserving critical functionalities and ensuring a smooth coexistence of old and new technologies.


QA Testing

Quality assurance is paramount.
We rigorously test the integrated system, verifying that retained elements perform seamlessly within the new environment.

Thorough testing guarantees data accuracy, security, and optimal system performance.



We guide you through the launch phase with the retained migration successfully executed.

Our support and monitoring ensure a smooth transition and address any post-migration issues.

This holistic approach to retained migration sets the stage for a successful transformation, combining the best legacy and modern technologies to enhance your organisation's efficiency and innovation.



We discover your goals together while offering consultation to determine the main objectives of your website.